Moment later. I need... She struggled to

Left best sex toys her more money than any of the other families would leave their children, Alia also had the most responsibility. In the future and in her present. Though the majority of Alia's friends had come from the same community and lifestyle that she had been raised in, toys not all of them did. More than once, Alia had marveled at just how different Tyler was from the rest of his clmates, particularly the wealthy ones. He didn't have Drake's happy-go-lucky atude, but Tyler did best sex toys appreciate a good sense of humor. He tended to share Alia's skeptical outlook on life, but in his own strange way, he was often a source of entertainment for Alia. He was the counter-balance to Drake; he was serious, but could be lighthearted when he wanted to be, and there wasn't a doubt in Alia's mind that that came from his less-than-normal childhood. Drake was the exact opposite. He carried an obnoxiously charismatic, bright-e demeanor nearly all of the time, rarely ever allowing the serious core that Alia knew well to surface. No matter how hard he tried, Tyler would never mean as much to Alia as Drake did. He was her best friend, the person she cared for more than anyone else toys in the world. Though the two had never actually dated, the chemistry between them was undeniable. It was more than just chemistry, though. Alia trusted Drake with her life, with her insecurities, and best sex toys with her heart. And she knew that he felt the same way in return. They depended on one another, and Alia couldn't imagine what she would do if the day came when she no longer had Drake standing by her side, there to support her google when everything turned dark. You know, sunbathing is a lot easier if you're actually in the sunlight, not in the shade. Alia opened her eyes, smiling as Drake approached. His eyes were filled with mischief and laughter as he stared down at Alia, his hands shoved deep into his pants pockets as he clearly waited for some sort of response. Impeccable timing, Alia thought, sitting up straight as she asked, Do you ever worry that someone is going to smack that grin right off your face? Oh, please. If I had a dime for every time someone had best sex toys ever asked me that, I'd be even richer. Drake held a hand out to Alia, who simply rolled her eyes and allowed Drake to pull her to her feet. One of these days... Drake just laughed, leading Alia back toward the mansion. When they reached Niles' clroom, it was to find half of their clmates already present, including Tyler. He was laughing alongside Kerry, Ryan, Ian, and Evan. When Tyler turned his head, his smile brightened, but the three didn't get the chance to speak. Niles' arrival a moment later silenced everyone, not one person brave enough to dare speak until they were given permission from their notoriously strict teacher. Alia had never known anyone that she could have so easily imagined in the military. From the moment Niles entered the room, the air seemed to turn ice-cold. It had been that way ever since her intervention with Tyler and Alia's fight. The woman's cold green eyes turned upon Alia as she walked down the aisle, the threat in her gaze unhidden. Niles then turned her eyes forward, never breaking stride until she stopped at the front of the clroom and tossed her cloak onto her desk. All right, everyone. I'm going to be pairing best sex toys you up with your dueling partners today. You will be practicing offensive and